Prologue in Heaven

Introduction to a fantasy-heaven for readers who are not familiar with the Central-European way of imagining paradise.

First General Assembly

Second General Assembly 

In two general assemblies angels are selecting a messenger to be sent to earth in order to renew the pact of love with God. They decide to send a black man, born in the U.S.A., a preacherman who will divulge the message of love by singing. They equip him with a lot of talents and give him the character of Francesco d'Assisi.

Christmas 1963, Michael is 5 years old

Michael is singing "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" and is moving the audience to tears.

In Heaven, 1965, Michael is 7 years old

Sitting on clouds angels are watching Michael go to school. They are discussing Joseph's way of educating his children and other problems in the Jackson family.

Chicago 1966

The Jackson 5 have a hard time performing in a Chicago night-club.

Catherine and Joseph, 1967, Michael is 9 years old

The two are stressed by financial and other problems.

In Heaven, 1968, Michael is 10 years old

James Brown is visiting the Jackson family.

Assembly in Heaven, 1968

The angels decide to pay special attention to Michael's hatred and his mania to be the best in all areas. Then comes the message that the Jackson 5 won the Superdog in the Apollo-theater.

Diana Ross' Villa on Beverly Hills, Michael is 11 years old

A remarkable friendship and so much love.

Heaven in Crisis, 1979, Michael is 12 years old

The Jackson 5 are performing all over the States and heaven is fearing of the safety of their messenger.


People want to get profit from Michael's richness by phoning him up.

In Heaven, Ben, 1972, Michael is 14 years old

Angels are observing Michael, who is sitting in a cinema, and are discussing some of his problems at this time.

World-Tour 1973/74, Michael becomes 16 years old

Michael is writing a diary about his impressions from his touring in Europe, Japan and Africa.

Al-Qurtubi and Martin Luther, 1976, Michael is 17 years old

An important representative of the Islamic faith and one of the Christian faith are discussing some of Michael's problems at this time and his first compositions. They are watching performances in Las Vegas.

New York 1977, Michael is 19 years old

Michael is thinking about his life and his career. The contract with EPIC has just been solved.

The Wiz

After a hard day on the film-set Michael is reflecting over the events of the past days.

"The Wiz” premiere, 9th of October, 1978, Michael is 20 years old

Angels are watching the premiere party and are wondering why Michael is so shy with the girls.

Off The Wall, 1978, Michael is 20 years old

Two musicians are sitting in a Pub chatting about what is going on in the recording studio.

In a concert agency, 1979, Michael is 21 years old

Two concert managers are on the phone speaking about the coming concerts of the Jacksons.

In Heaven, Michael is 22 years old

Angels are watching current events on earth. The Jacksons get a star on the "Walk of Fame"

Illness, 1980

Michael is thinking about his coming projects and he is struggling to get the strength to dissolve the manager-contract with Joseph.

Triumph, 1981, Michael is 23 years old

One of the Jehovah's Witnesses is ordered to be present at a performance of the Jacksons. The day after he is writing a letter to his superior pointing out the peril which the Jacksons are for young people.

The Girl is Mine, 1981, Michael is 23 years old

A group of angels who once were composers on earth are watching Michael composing "The girl is mine."

Muscles, 1982, Michael is 24 years old

In a day of relax Michael is sitting in his garden with his snake “Muscles” in his arms and reflecting about the "Thriller"-album.

In Heaven, 1984

Angels are proud of Michael, it seems that he has taken the route to be a real preacherman.

E.T., 1982

In a record store. A desperate mum and her angry daughter are learning that "The E.T. Storybook" is not available on the market anymore.

In Heaven, 1983, Michael is 25 years old

Heaven tries to count the number of all persons which are hearing a Michael Jackson song.

"Thriller", 1983

A MJ-girls-fan-club in LA. Two of the members have been present on the film-set and are now narrating from their experiences.

In Heaven, 1983

Two angels are chatting about the events at this time.

"And what comes now?”, February of 1984

Michael got eight Grammys and he is reflecting about the future and the importance of the love of the fans for him.

In the White House, 14th of May, 1984

Angels are watching the event.

Victory, June of 1984

Two Police-officers out of the eight-hundred men strong police detachment on the occasion of a concert are sharing their admiration for the Jacksons and their songs.

In Heaven, 5th of September, 1984, Michael is 26 years old

Frank DiLeo is reading a statement of Michael Jackson and the angels are discussing it.

"We are the World", March of 1985

The legendary recording night of "We Are the World" in the studio.

In Heaven, 1985, Michael is 27 years old

The angels are discussing about Bubbles and other events at this time, for example Michael’s purchase of the ATV music catalogue.

In the Michael Jackson Suite, Disneyland

A young couple is passing their wedding night in the Michael Jackson suite.

In Heaven, 1986, Michael is 27 years old

An assembly in heaven. Angels are discussing the problem of loneliness in general and in particular what it means for Michael.

Bad, 1986, Michael is 28 years old

Michael is getting more and more angry. He is reflecting of how to adopt a more offensive position.

14th of July, 1987

Two salesmen have been invited to Michael's house on the occasion of the presentation of the "Bad"-album. The day after they are chatting on the phone about the event and the question, how Michael’s altered image could affect the sales figures.

In Heaven, 1987, Michael is 29 years old

Angels are watching Michael while he is doing his singing exercises.

Japan, Autumn of 1987

Michael is reflecting about his life and takes the decision to found "Heal The World".

In Heaven, 1988, Michael is 29 years old

Angels are watching Michael performing his first solo-concert and other events of the "Bad"-tour.

19th of April, 1988

Michael's book "Moonwalk" is ready to be presented. The day before the release, the editorial board is in a meeting discussing the book.

Neverland, 1988, Michael is 29 years old

Michael is reflecting about his own new household in Neverland.

In Heaven, 1988, Michael is 30 years old

Angels are watching Michael meeting Lady Diana.

February of 1989

Two journalists are discussing Lee Solter's press communication about the ending of the contract with Frank DiLeo.

In Heaven, 1989, Michael is 31 years old

Angels are discussing Michael's personal evolution.

Neverland, 1990, Michael is 31 years old

The security chief is having a talk with a man who is applying for a job as crafts-worker in Neverland. Details of the very special life in Neverland are revealed.

In Heaven, 1991, Michael is 32 years old

Some of the most famous poets in history are analyzing Michael's lyrics and the new "Dangerous"-album.

Black or White, 1991, Michael is 33 years old

An assembly of moralists is arguing about Michael's short film to the song "Black or White".

In Heaven, February of 1992

Michael is visiting Africa and angels are asking themselves how it was possible that Michael is facing hate from so many people.

Dancing the Dream, 1992, Michael is 33 years old

Michael is discovering spirituality and other secrets of life.

In Heaven, 1992

Angels are watching a "Dangerous"-concert.

Dangerous, 1992, Michael is 34 years old

Michael gets an alarmed phone call from a friend in Europe. Michael has rejected an invitation of a lodge’s grand master. His friend is concerned about this and believes that Michael was in serious danger.

In Heaven, 1993, Michael is 35 years old

In an assembly heaven decides to cancel the two points of preoccupation from Michael's sheet in the book of heavenly memory, that for hatred and that for vengeance.

Oprah Winfrey, 10th of February, 1993

Three black female fans are watching TV while the Winfrey interview is sent.

In Heaven, 1994

As a messenger of heaven Michael has been selected to bear his cross like Jesus did 2000 years ago. Angel Martin Luther is reporting to Archangel Gabriel how heaven has planned Michael's path of suffering and why it failed.

A New Start, 1994, Michael is 36 years old.

Michael is sitting on his tree and reflecting about what happened to him and finds the strength for a new start.

News, 1994

Two friends are chatting about news in Michael’s life and the "Scream"-video.

Childhood, Michael is 36 years old

Michael told us that he must compensate his lost childhood. But are there no other, even deeper wounds in his soul?

Moscow, 1995, Michael is 37 years old

Staying in Moscow Michael feels his loneliness deeply. He is now an undesirable person in his own country.

In Heaven, 7th of September, 1996, Michael is 38 years old

Angels are watching Michael in Prague and a concert of the "HIstory"-tour.


Debbie gets a phone call from a girl-friend after the tabloids have unveiled her pregnancy.

Fatherhood, 1997, Michael is 38 years old

Michael and his first child.

In Heaven, 1997

Two angels, very long time ago living on earth in a time called "the Gothic", are discussing Michael's "Gothic"-songs.


Two detectives of the DEA have the assignment to investigate, whether Michael is a junkie.

In Heaven, 2001, Michael is 42 years old

Angels are chatting about the latest events when they are interrupted because Michael is holding a speech at Oxford University.

Invincible, 2001

Two studio musicians are sitting in a Pub. There is a lot to discuss about the upcoming "Invincible"-album and also about the new digital techniques of recording music.

General Assembly in Heaven, 2001

The tragic event of 9-11 overshadows Michael’s path of suffering.


Two employees of Sony are discussing the policy of the company.

Threatened, 2002, Michael is 44 years old

Michael considering to put some order in his life and he is thinking that Bashir would be the right guy to make a documentary film about the normality of his life in Neverland.

In Heaven, 2003

Because of the failure of his suffering path, Michael is not a candidate for being a saint anymore. As they study Bashir’s “Living with Michael Jackson” documentary, a group of angels sees a new possibility to rescue the project.


For Michael there is no other way out as to pray.

In Heaven, 2005, Michael is 46 years old

Angel Martin Luther is reporting to Archangel Gabriel about the process against Michael.

Bahrain, 2006

Michael is reflecting over his life as a fugitive.

In Heaven, 2006 - 2008

Michael has been dissolved from all his duties as a messenger of heaven. This is the occasion for many angels to manipulate his life. Unfortunately there are too many groups with too many different interests.

London, 2009

Two women in the queue at the O2 Arena try to get tickets for one of Michael's coming concerts.

25th June of 2009, Michael is 50 years old

Heaven decides to redeem Michael from all his problems and calls him home.