The first novel on the topic of Michael Jackson is here!

Jesus_21, a Michael Jackson fairy-tale, from Eva Wingelmayer

Did you know that artists' biographies can be utterly entertaining?

A previously unknown Austrian authoress has released a remarkable book in German language: A literary treatment of the life of Michael Jackson on 416 pages, as large paperback edition (

The story takes place in a heaven of best Satyrian tradition, as Michael Jackson's life is nothing less than a tragicomedy. The perspectives on Michael Jackson change in breath-taking speed, unless heaven gets a little ponderously to the bottom of things, like for example solitude. Wingelmayer's heaven not only reflects our world, it holds up an oversized mirror to contemporary society. The book title „Jesus_21“ is only understandable upon reading the book – no matter, if one takes it seriously or cynically, without any doubt one will gain satisfaction out of it. Even in the book's most turbulent moments the authoress never loses sight of her goal: Respect for Michael Jackson as a person and a musical genius.