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The Fantastic Life of Michael Jackson

"The Fantastic Life of Michael Jackson” is an entertaining, biographical essay on the life of the singer/songwriter and dancer. All facts about his person are historically accurate.

The frame story is entertaining and easy to read; it surrounds conversations set in a fantasy Heaven, interactions between Michael and his contemporaries, and imagined streams-of-consciousness from Michael himself, all
of which allow the reader to appreciate his life from many different perspectives.

The dialogs—in which the angels and the characters on Earth often have very different opinions about Michael Jackson—help everyone form their own opinions about the artist. Discussions take place about any imaginable argument without anyone being judged; the characters simply exchange their opinions.

Michael's streams-of-consciousness reveal his troubles and sorrows, but also the occasional moments of happiness in his life.

The main focal points of the book are Michael Jackson’s music and analyses of his lyrics, his artistic creativity, and an accurate historical chronology.